Class 17

Mark Making Pattern Cards

Pencil Control Hungry Caterpillar Workbook

Pencil Control Maze Sheets

Pencil Control Workbook

Birdfeeder 1

Birdfeeder 2

Nature Scavenger Hunt


Tracing numbers

What’s different

Colour by Numbers

Counting Worksheet – Dinosaurs

Counting Worksheet – Summer

Counting Worksheet – Under the sea

Naming, Tracing and Copying Numerals 1-10

Number Formation Booklet

Number Recognition to 10

Numeral Formation 0-10

Odd one out

Ordering Numerals 0-10

Snakes and Ladders

 Zoo Animal Snap Cards

Sensory bottle

Sensory bottle

Sensory bottle

Clink Clank Sound Sensory Bottle

Ding Dong Sound Sensory Bottle

Rustle Rustle Sound Sensory Bottle

Splashy Sound Sensory Bottle

Thud Thud Sound Sensory Bottle


Songs for Interaction Plan


Dough Disco – ALD

Dough Disco Activity

Playdough recipe

Symbols Dough Disco

Weather And Something Old Something New (Group 1)

Weather And Something Old Something New (Group 2)

Easter Home Learning Activities

Sensory Activities

Whatever Next

2020 UW and Science Ideas to do at home

Communication Games ALD

I am feeling…

Communication Games ALD

Summer and Recycling Group 1

Summer and Recycling Group 2

Washing and Dressing ALD

Weather Resources