Governors’ Information and Duties

Structure and Responsibilities

The Governing Body of the Orchard School consists of 18 members all of whom give their services voluntarily and without financial reward.

Each member usually serves for a period of 4 years and is elected/appointed as either a parent, local authority, community or staff Governor.

  • Parent governors as the title suggests, are parents of children in the school and are nominated and voted onto the Governing body by all parents.
  • LA governor is appointed by the local authority.
  • Co-opted governors are elected by the Governors to represent community interests and can be people who live and/or work in the vicinity of the school or others who have an interest in the School and are committed to its success.
  • Staff governor is elected by staff, representing both teaching and non teaching staff in the School.

On the Governing Body at present we have

  • 4 Parent governors
  • 1 L.A. governor
  • 11 Co-opted governors
  • 1 Staffing governor
  • 1 Headteacher

The duties and responsibilities of the Governing Body are many and varied but essentially it works very closely with the Head Teacher in:

  • setting the aims and objectives of the school
  • adopting policies and setting targets to achieve those aims
  • monitoring and evaluating the progress made and
  • reviewing the stategies being employed

To do this effectively and efficiently the Governing Body has set up a number of committees with specifically definded responsibilities, the main ones of which are

Curriculum Committee

  • Ensures the school meets National curriculum requirements.
  • Develops and monitors the school Improvment Plan.
  • Develops and makes recommendations on curriculum policies and assessment.

Finance and Health & Safety Committee

  • Develops and reviews the school’s policy on all financial and health and safety matters.
  • Monitors the effectiveness of these policies and reviews as appropriate.
  • Produces the annual budget which reflects the priorities of the school Improvement Plan, together with best value, and monitors actual spend against budget on a regular basis.

Staffing Committee

  • Reviews, develops and maintains a staffing structure that will deliver the school Improvement Plan.
  • Interviews and appoints staff.
  • Implements pay policies, staff development and performance management schemes.

Governors’ Information

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               Summary of members attendance at Full Governing Board 2019

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              Information and Duties

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