Class 2 Butterflies

During the beginning of Spring Class 2 had lots of fun exploring the Tents made, in our dark classroom. The children all discovered how torches work, some Butterflies enjoyed the bright light from the torches, more than others.


During the beginning our Autumn term 2019, Class 2 have been exploring Autumn Leaves, in several different ways. We explored the leaves in the sensory garden and in the classroom. We also made Hedgehog pictures from Leaves. The children also investigated leaves and twigs in Jelly and they interacted floating leaves on the Magic Carpet.


During Spring 1 Butterfly Class did lots of outdoor activities involving Water. We washed our outdoor toys with mops and sponges, we shelter from the ‘Rain’ and painted the floor and fences using large paint brushes, soaked in water.


During the second half of Spring Term, class 2 took a trip to Ash End Farm, where we saw lots of different animals and had a chance to interact with them.





This Spring Term we celebrated Chinese New Year during Playgroups. We explored different food and textures.




Butterfly Class found out about Autumn Leaves during our class Parent Coffee Morning. We all investigated floating Leaves on the Magic Carpet, where the children could also use the switch to activate a fan. Outside the children had fun explored leaves in discovery trays and were encouraged to stick the leaves onto a Hedgehog template.

We enjoyed learning all about Winter!