Class 14 Owls

In our topic Tremendous Tales we read Handsel and Gretel and did some creative lessons with the story. We looked at different types of sweets – soft and hard and grouped them accordingly, then made a sweet house and designed what they would use for the roofs and windows.

Into the Wild

Owl class have been looking at different environments that are either hot or cold.  The children made their own Antarctic landscape using resources they chose themselves.  The children were able to identify what animals lived in the hot or cold climates.

Animal Lady

This term in our into the wild topic owl class were visited by the animal lady. They enjoyed meeting the different animals like a rabbit, owl, hedgehog and a bearded dragon. They enjoyed exploring the different textures and learning about what they need to survive, what they like to eat and where they live.

Chinese New Year

Owl class took part in celebrating Chinese new year. Following Chinese traditions we cleaned in preparation for the party, we made gifts and decorations. We tasted the different foods and did some dancing with a Chinese dragon.

Happiness week.

During happiness week owl class enjoyed a good dance and boogie to the bhangra drum. The owls enjoyed moving to the music using their hands head and feet. Some of the children had a chance to play the drums and make some loud sounds.