Class 15 Rabbits


In rabbit class we have been using our communication aids – Makaton, Speech, PECS, ALDS and Communication Books to communicate our desires. In class we have been using our communication tools to ask for items at snack such as toast, raisins, drinks. Some pupils have been further extending by requesting size of toast (big and little) or flavour of a drink (orange, blackcurrant, strawberry).


We have also begun to use our communication aids in other areas of the school such as the sensory garden/toys.
Look at us using our communication books to request items!
Excellent work Rabbit class.


In rabbit class we have been supported by the WBA foundation in our PE sessions. We have taken part in a few sessions now and are working on developing our moving skills further.

Some of us are learning to;
Use a trike to steer in a wanted direction
Keep balanced when walking along beams
Throwing using large and smaller balls
Stepping/Jumping in and over items
Kicking items with direction e.g. balls


We have also been accessing outside equipment such as the swings, roundabout and outdoor garden.
We have been playing games together such as chase, requesting items such as the swing or roundabout, riding bikes and scooters and running in large outdoor areas.

We have had lots of fun learning new skills.