Class 15 Rabbits

In PSED we have been thinking about emotions and what makes us happy, we looked in mirrors and made happy faces.

During happiness week we experienced a bhangra session.
We explored moving our body to music in different ways.
We also explored playing the dhol drum – we made some wonderful sounds.

Chinese New Year:
In class we have been celebrating Chinese new year. We made our own dragon and tasted food from around the world.

This half term we have experienced moving our bodies in different ways with support from the Albion Foundation.
We have been able to climb and jump off different apparatus with support and sometimes independently.

In creative curriculum we have been looking at animals in the wild that live in hot and cold places. We have explored hot and cold places and made our own cold habitat.
We have named animals that live in the cold and have been able to identify some key features.
We have also made our own hot and cold art collage.
Some pupils have taken part in an Into the Wild TacPac we have listened to different sounds from the rainforest and arctic while having different objects move across our body.

Mothers Day

Rabbits loved sports day and worked really hard doing all of the activities. Everyone loved the water activities especially.