Whole Phase

Children across Upper School have been taking part in team games focusing on developing skills such as throwing and catching, throwing at a target, turn taking, and races. These sessions have been supported by the Albion Foundation staff. We are so proud of the progress that children have made during these sessions, they have developed not only their physical skills but also their resilience, communication and social skills.

Open Theatre have been working with classes in Upper School during the Summer term. Open Theatre are committed to develop, promote, and sustain creativity and artistry by using non-verbal physical theatre to explore our children’s creativity. The Open Theatre sessions have involved play, simple props, music and movement, these lessons link into our Communication and Creative curriculum, supporting children to develop and embed skills.

We enjoyed celebrating Easter and Spring, we all wore colourful clothes and dressed up for Easter. Upper School went on an Easter Egg hunt around school finding Easter eggs with their photos on. We weren’t able to invite our families into school but some of our families joined in with activities through video and enjoyed watching us exploring and having fun. The Easter bunny came to visit us as well as some real rabbits, we enjoyed feeling their fur and watching them hop around.