School Council






The School council decided that we needed some playground rules to help the children play nicely and to help each other as well as helping the MDS’s. Before we put up the signs Harjot and Ryan shared the playground rules with the MDS staff.

The School Council have been working hard to improve certain areas around the school and were very keen to get some new equipment for the Phase 2 Playground. The School Council Secretary, Serena Bains, wrote a letter to The George and Thomas Henry Salter Trust to ask for a donation of money towards our Playground. The School Council were able to get a donation of £350!

The children then went on a trip to Smyths Toy Store to choose which equipment they needed for the children at school.

The children had a great time test driving the bikes, go karts and other toys they could buy and made their own shopping list with prices included and have chosen lots of fantastic new toys for everyone to play with!

The children also went on a well-deserved treat to McDonalds and loved their strawberry ice-creams.