Outreach Services

“Working together to support school-to-school improvement”

The Outreach professional development range include a variety of training courses, observational visits, 1:1 support; enquiry visits/walks; intervention programmes and action plans. Our Outreach services include the following bespoke solutions that can be personalised and tailored to individual needs of the school. You can opt into a number of packages such as:
  • Assessment for individual children within the P-scales using the Orchard School’s learning outcomes for Literacy, Numeracy and Speaking & Listening; generating an IEP.
  • Adapting and differentiating existing schemes of work to provide curriculum access for children with SEN/D.
  • Advice on the learning environment and inclusive classroom practice.
  • Support in the classroom with behaviour management and setting up a structured environment for children displaying challenging behaviours.
  • Specific support in teaching Language development and Communication Skills.
  • Support in the transition process to a new key stage or school provision.
  • Enquiry walks/visits to The Orchard School.

For detail on our Outreach Services please download the Outreach Services Brochure