Support for parents with their children at home

This may support parents with their children at home. This is a difficult and challenging time and children will need time to adapt to new routines.



Set a simple routine but take your time with the changes. Expect your child to accept/adapt these changes immediately
Try to teach your child – there are lots of life skills that can now be imbedded in our children. Try to be a subject teacher! There are plenty of life lessons that parents can teach.
Spend time together as a family Push for more than usual, you can take your time to give the children the chance to adapt!
Expect tantrums! Let those tantrums get you down! Take a breath. These are scary times for everyone, even adults a struggling but we have the maturity to deal with them.
Spend time apart! It is important you find, even a small space, for your own thoughts. Worry if others need to do the same. Personal space is important.
Create a set of ground rules. How you can/can’t speak to each other. The need for MUTUAL respect (in appropriate age speak!) Expect these rules to be followed 100% straight away. It takes us all time to get used to new things.
See the positives – what a fantastic opportunity to instil real family values into our children in a way we didn’t have the opportunity to do before. Focus on what we can’t do. There are ways we can help others in new and unusual ways!
Remember every child will probably respond differently to this situation Expect every child in the same age bracket to respond the same.
Focus on you and your family, your timetables, your way of working needs to suit the people in your house. Compare how your family are responding to anyone else’s. We are all different and have different needs.