Class 12


Natural World Tac-Pac

Natural World Tac- Pac instructions sheet


Track 1 Planet Earth II Theme BBC Hans Zimmer

Track 2 Dancing Bears

Track 3 Surfing Dolphins

Track 4 Most Beautiful Music Suns And Stars by Really Slow Motion

Track 5 Earth Song Short Version Michael Jackson

Baby Bear Action Songs

Baby Bear Interaction Games and Songs

1. Bounce Together

2. The Singing Walrus

3. Baby Bear Song

4. Hokey Pokey

5. Happy and you know it

6. Shake off your Sillies

7. The Action Song

Full Body Massage

Hand Massage

Tac Pac


Nursery Rhymes Interaction

interactive nursery rhymes home learning


Sound stimuli to music

Sound stimuli to music


Chinese New Year crib sheet 

Home learning tac pac


Sugar and Water Hand Massage Otter Class