Class 9


  Action photo’s

 Bubbles & Old Macdonald

Core vocal ALD


Music Interaction Deers

Get Your Playdough Song

Playdough Movement Song

Playdough Playtime Song

Time for Playdough Play Song

We Love Playdough Play Song

hand massage ald

Hand massages


Humpty Dumpty rhyme

Little Peter rabbit rhyme

Octor the Hungry Octopus sensory story

Summer story massage

The Summer Fairy rhyme

The terrible tickle rhyme

Under the Sea sensory story

3D shape sorting

Colours Powerpoint

Dinosaur counting sheet

Animated Numbers Powerpoint 1 TO 10

odd one out

odd-one-out (1)

Shape Size Sorting Activity

Sensory Play Activities – OT advice

2020 UW and Science Ideas to do at home

Play Learn and Grow Together