Class 4 Bees



The world – We went to the sensory garden, to look at, listen to, feel and smell butterflies/twigs/flowers/grasses/willow. To collect items to bring back to explore back in treasure basket. The children then were supported to explore the leaves and twigs on the light panel in class. The children enjoyed being outdoors and experiencing the different sounds and smells. Their favourite part was the walk through the willow tunnel.









We have had a busy few weeks in class 4 finding out about our topics ‘ Marvellous Me and Autumn’ and exploring ‘Celebrations and Colour’.
Hasan has enjoyed exploring the different plants in the sensory garden as part of our autumn topic and enjoyed scrunching up the leaves and Maryam was excited to meet Pudsey Bear at our children in need event.
We have also had music lessons from our teacher Rosie & Cody listened to the flute being played and explored the sounds of other instruments. As the term progressed we moved onto our topic of Celebrations and Colour where Ayaan showed a lot of interest investigating the lights to celebrate Diwali and Bonfire night. This week Jayden explored the different white materials to make our textured snowman and liked the feel of the soft cotton wool. We are now all busy getting ready for Christmas and we are going to make some Gingerbread Men!



The children explored warm clothes (hat, scarf and gloves) during sensory stories and had lots of winter story massages. During EAD, the children explored a rainy day using water, spray bottles, rain coats and umbrellas.

In the home
Class 4 have been exploring lots of familiar items from within the home. We explored items from each room at a time including the kitchen and bathroom. We created a kitchen tac pac, explored pots and pans during play and used oat dough and noodles for cooking and handling. We explored the bathroom and smells using foot spas, creating bubbles, using soap, flannels and hair brushes.




Autumn 1: The children sniffed at the smell of the leaves. They had piles of leaves to crunch, to smell, to watch as they were wafted around, to squeeze and crunch, to stamp their feet on! They also watched the leaves move on the interactive floor screen of the magic carpet programme. The children also explored soil, gravel, pine cones and twigs. Followed by a warm wash and massage of hands and feet!

Autumn 2: All the children loved exploring the paint with their feet to make amazing bee pictures. We cut them out into bee shapes and added a photo of the child and pipe cleaners for antennae! The children had a wonderful foot wash and massage following the messy exploring!