Spring Day Summary

Spring Day – 1st April 2021


 We held an Easter/Spring day to support children’s wellbeing in returning to school, to link Easter and Spring activities to home learning activities to support an element of ‘catch up’ opportunity for over the Easter holidays and to give parents an opportunity to be involved in their child’s learning virtually.

Children came to school dressed in bright clothes or Easter themed and this started the day with an air of excitement and positivity.

Throughout the day children took part in an egg hunt which involved looking for their own eggs, matching colours and pictures and then exchanging them for chocolate or a prize from the Easter bunny. Staff dressed as Easter bunnies and children had the opportunity to say hello to them!

Each child was given a book (one of three carefully chosen books) selected for each child’s level, an activity sheet was produced with learning activities matching that level and this was sent home with the children as home learning over the Easter holidays. Parents were also sent observation sheets to feedback if they wished.

Craft activities included making easter crafts but also decorating wooden plaques, these will form part of our collaborative art which will be displayed, to form a permanent reminder of when all children returned back to school and re-joining as a face to face school community.

Some classes had a special visit from the real rabbit, they were able to stroke him, this supported their Understanding of the world learning as well as their wellbeing and confidence in meeting new animals.

Throughout the day, classes invited parents into live sessions, some classes worked very well, and teacher feedback stated that some parents have already taken on the new skills learnt. However, some classes found this a little more difficult due to the nature of the session being on screen and not all children having permission, meaning children needed to be away from the camera etc. Therefore, we very much hope, moving forward that we will be able to bring families back into the classroom to share the learning face to face.

Finally, there was a ‘decorate your door’ competition, classes had lots of fun decorating their doors to win a prize. Some children from Upper School judged the doors, this supported their communication and PSED skills and also meant the whole school was full of additional spring time colour for the day.

Spring Day